Snapquiz - Uses of Alkanes and Alkenes

This is the Snapquiz on Uses of Alkanes and Alkenes. Click here or use the embedded video if you haven't watched the lesson yet.

Question 1. What does 'unsaturated' mean when referring to a hydrocarbon?

The molecule is safe to eat.
The molecule isn't long enough.
The molecule cannot be polymerised.
The molecule has room for more atoms.

Question 2. What would we observe if we added bromine water to an alkene?

The bromine water would remain brown.
The bromine water would go from colourless to brown.
The bromine water would remain colourless.
The bromine water would go from brown to colourless.

Question 3. What useful reaction can alkenes perform that alkanes can't?


Question 4. Which key feature gives alkenes different properties to alkanes?

A greater number of hydrogen atoms.
A different number of carbon atoms.
An oxygen atom.
A carbon-carbon double bond.

Question 5. Which compound is formed from ethene monomers?


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