Snapquiz - Transformers

This is the Snapquiz on Transformers. Click here or use the embedded video if you haven't watched the lesson yet.

Question 1. What is the benefit of using an AC supply?

It's more efficient than DC.
The changing current gives us a stronger magnetic field.
It's safer than DC.
The changing current gives us a changing magnetic field.

Question 2. Why do we step up the potential difference for transmitting electricity?

It causes more current to flow.
It's safer.
It's to stop people tampering with the cables.
It's more efficient.

Question 3. The primary coil has 1000 turns and a potential difference of 8V. The secondary coil has 4000 turns. What is the potential difference in the secondary coil?


Question 4. Why do we step down the potential difference for for use in our homes?

It causes less current to flow.
It's safer.
It reduces electricity bills.
It's more efficient.

Question 5. Which substance can we place inside an electromagnet to make it stronger?


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