Snapquiz - The Central Nervous System and Reflexes

This is the Snapquiz on The Central Nervous System and Reflexes. Click here or use the embedded video if you haven't watched the lesson yet.

Question 1. What do we call an organ which responds to an impulse from the nervous system?

An effector.
A connector.
A receptor.
A collector.

Question 2. How do nervous impulses travel towards the central nervous system?

Along a motor neurone.
Along a sensory neurone.
Across a synapse.
Along a relay neurone.

Question 3. A sensory tissue such as the retina in the eyes is an example of which part of the nervous system?


Question 4. Which organ is sensitive to the presence of chemicals?

The tongue.
The ears.
The eyes.
The skin.

Question 5. In a reflex action, which organ decides how to respond?

The effector.
The spinal cord.
The receptor.
The brain.

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