Snapquiz - Structure of Alkanes and Alkenes

This is the Snapquiz on Structure of Alkanes and Alkenes. Click here or use the embedded video if you haven't watched the lesson yet.

Question 1. If a molecule has just one carbon atom, what should its name start with?


Question 2. Which type of bond holds the atoms in an alkane or alkene molecule together?


Question 3. Which of the following statements about alkanes and alkenes is false?

They are all unreactive with sodium.
They are all flammable.
They are all made from just carbon and hydroden atoms.
They will all dissolve in water.

Question 4. Which compounds are formed when propene is burned in a good supply of oxygen?

Carbon dioxide and water.
Carbon dioxide and methane.
Carbon monoxide and water.
Carbon monoxide and methane.

Question 5. What do we call a series of similar things (such as the alkanes)?

A homologous series.
A horologos series.
A homozygous series.
A homogeneous series.

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