Snapquiz - Renewable Energy Resources

This is the Snapquiz on Renewable Energy Resources. Click here or use the embedded video if you haven't watched the lesson yet.

Question 1. Which type or types of energy from the Sun can we transfer for our own use?

Heat and light.
Light only.
Neither heat nor light.
Heat only.

Question 2. Which of the following energy resources is reliable?

Wave power.
Solar power.
Wind power.
Tidal power.

Question 3. Which renewable energy resource is often used to power devices such as street-signs and parking ticket machines?

Geothermal power.
Photovoltaic cells.
Wind turbines.

Question 4. Which energy resource can only be effectively harnessed where the Earth's crust is thin and/or where there's a lot of volcanic activity?

Wind power.
Geothermal power.
Solar power.

Question 5. Where must tidal barrages be placed to effectively harness tidal energy?

Far out to sea.
Fast-flowing streams and rivers.
River estuaries.
In the sea in any coastal area.

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