Snapquiz - Non Renewable Energy Resources

This is the Snapquiz on Non Renewable Energy Resources. Click here or use the embedded video if you haven't watched the lesson yet.

Question 1. Which statement is not an advantage of non renewable energy resources?

They're unpredictable.
We get a lot of energy from them.
They don't depend on the weather.
They work day or night, anywhere on the planet.

Question 2. Which gas produced when we burn coal causes acid rain?

Carbon monoxide.
Sulphur dioxide.

Question 3. Which fuel doesn't produce greenhouse gases when we use it?


Question 4. Why are greenhouse gases a problem?

They lower the pH of rainwater, which could cause acid rain.
They trap extra heat from the sun, which could cause climate change.
They react with ozone in the upper atmosphere, which could damage the ozone layer.
They leave sooty residue on buildings, which could cause peppered moths to evolve different patterning.

Question 5. Which of the following is a non-renewable energy resource?

Uranium ore.
Geothermal energy.
Tidal power.

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