Snapquiz - Cloning

This is the Snapquiz on Cloning. Click here or use the embedded video if you haven't watched the lesson yet.

Question 1. Where does the egg cell come from?

Any cell from that species.
A donor mother.
The animal we want to clone.
An animal of a different species.

Question 2. What goes where?

The adult nucleus is put into the donor egg cell.
The egg nucleus is put into the foetus.
The adult nucleus is put into the embryo.
The donor egg nucleus is put into the adult cell.

Question 3. Which part of the cell contains the DNA?


Question 4. Which type of cell do we need from the animal we want to clone?

A sperm cell.
An egg cell.
A red blood cell.
Any cell with a nucleus except an egg or sperm cell.

Question 5. How do we start the egg cell dividing?

An electrical current.
Stimulating it with chemicals.
Stimulating it with hormones.
It does so automatically.

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