Snapquiz - AC vs DC

This is the Snapquiz on AC vs DC. Click here or use the embedded video if you haven't watched the lesson yet.

Question 1. Why do we use AC for mains electricity?

It's the agreed international standard way to generate electricity.
AC electricity flows back and forth from the supply.
It's less dangerous than DC.
It's easy to generate and can be distributed efficiently.

Question 2. What is the mains potential difference and frequency in the U.K?

230V, 50Hz.
230V, 60Hz.
110V, 50Hz.
110V, 60Hz.

Question 3. Which analogy is similar to a DC supply?

The wind blowing in different directions every day.
A river flowing in the same direction all the time.
The waves on the sea moving up and down at random.
The tide regularly coming in and going back out again.

Question 4. Which type of device is used to step up or step down an AC supply?

A transcriber.
A transformer.
A transducer.
A transmitter.

Question 5. If an AC supply flows back and forth 3,000 times per minute what is its frequency?


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